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Brand Story
Out With the Old, In
With the New.
Atlas Premier knows that Golfers do alot more than just golf. So go live your life off the course! No boundaries, no rules.... just you doing what you love to do!
There is a sub-culture that is waiting to be defined in today's present marketplace and we have worked tirelessly to create a Product Line that complements the golfers playing style on the course, and his lifestyle off of it.
To do this, an athlete must Break from the Pack.
At Atlas Premier, we believe
in the athlete.
We believe in being the best. We believe in providing the best athletes with the best products to help them
achieve greatness.

Today's Golf brands have simply applied everyone else's look, feel, and trend. This approach has allowed them to become a player in the sea of sameness in the existing marketplace.

Due to the lack of branding, Golf Attire has become a "me-too" product with nothing special to offer the unique athlete. Golfers as a subset of Athletes choose to set themselves apart from other sport participants by their desire to truly be an individual on the course.

The opportunity to express this individuality is exactly why Atlas Premier was created. Atlas Premier believes in the individual personality of the athlete and will provide the pathway to self-expression.

Keeping our athletes comfortable and dry on and off the course.
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Everything a golfer needs, and everything an athlete wants.
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